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Zhu Bixin met with Qingdao Party Chief

General Office     2020-09-19         

On September 19, Zhu Bixin, Secretary of China Chengtong CPC Committee and Chairman, met with Wang Qingxian, Member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of Qingdao CPC Committee, during his participation in the 2020 Sino-European Entrepreneur Summit in Qingdao city, capital of east China’s Shandong province. The two sides held in-depth discussion on improving cooperation. Qingdao Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Geng Tao, and CCT Fund Management Co., Ltd. General Manager Wei Ran attended the meeting.


Wang Qingxian welcomed Zhu Bixin and introduced Qingdao city’s major economic index and investment situation. Qingdao is experiencing rapid development, with fast economic growth and a complete industrial category. By improving the industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain and technology chain, Qingdao will focus more on developing financial investment, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet. Wang is willing to see an enhanced and all-round cooperation between Qingdao and China Chengtong, especially in fund investment, integrated logistics, outbound trade, industrial Internet and new energy. In the meantime, Qingdao will provide a more welcoming environment with improved services to achieve win-win outcomes.

Zhu Bixin shared China Chengtong’s achievements in state capital operation, and the development of Qingdao-based the Group’s companies and China Structural Reform Fund’s invested companies. Zhu noted that China Chengtong and Qingdao city have already set a friendly relationship on cooperation. Against the backdrop that the central government has authorised Qingdao to build the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) demonstration zone for local economic and trade cooperation, and the international cooperation platform for belt and road development, Qingdao boasts rich industrial resources and has good development potentials as the country’s emerging strategically-important city in the north of the Yangtze River. China Chengtong would actively participate in Qingdao’s social economic development by focusing more on fund investment, health and elderly-care industry, modern logistics, services and trade and SOEs’ reform, to contribute to the city’s further development.

China Chengtong’s head of General Office and relevant personnel from CCT Fund and Qingdao municipal government attended the meeting.

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