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Zhu Bixin met with Haier Group Chairman and CEO

General Office     2020-09-21         

On September 18, China Chengtong’s Chairman Zhu Bixin met with Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Haier Group in Qingdao city, on the east coast of China. The two companies exchanged views on deepening collaboration. Haier Group Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive President Liang Haishan, and CCT Fund Management Co., Ltd. General Manager Wei Ran attended the meeting.


Zhang Ruimin welcomed Zhu Bixin and introduced Hairer Group’s strategic plan on establishing an ecosystem featuring internet of things. Zhang noted that thanks to the company’s extensive exploration in the Blue Ocean Economy with Haier’s Rendanheyi Model in mind, the company has established a sharing platform which replaces products with scenarios and industries with ecology, and enables the realisation of win-win outcomes for ecosystem brands. Zhang stated that China Chengtong has played an active role in facilitating SOEs’ reform and development, and China Chengtong’s investment in Haier COSMOPlat through the China Structural Reform Fund (CSRF) has supported its expansion in industrial internet scene development and achieved positive results. He hoped that Haier and China Chengtong could enhance their cooperation to realise common development for both sides.

Zhu Bixin stated China Chengtong’s history of development, and major achievements in setting up the four capital operating platforms, namely, fund investment, equity operation, assets management and financial services, as well as the Group’s warehousing and logistics and trade business. Zhu said that Haier Group is an outstanding representative of our country’s advanced manufacturing industry and national industry. China Chengtong hopes to make full use of its advantages as a state capital operating company, participate more in Haier Group’s further development, and contribute more to national industry and Qingdao’s quality-oriented development.

On September 17 and 18, Zhu Bixin visited Telaidian and COSMOPlat, two companies invested by CSRF, and was briefed about their latest business development.


▲Zhu Bixin visited COSMOPlat


▲Zhu Bixin visited Telaidian

COSMOPlat is currently the largest mass customisation solution platform globally with China’s independent intellectual property rights and the first industrial internet platform introducing customers’ participation in the world, and this company is also the only Chinese enterprise that has been awarded the world’s first Lighthouse Factory by the World Economic Forum. Telaidian is mainly engaged in the construction and operation of new energy vehicle charging network and the value-added service of Internet. It ranks No. 1 among charging operators in industry share and charging capacity, and is also the pioneer and standard setter of charging network technology. CSRF’s investment in the two companies is in line with the Fund’s implementation of the national strategy in innovative development and strengthening new infrastructure construction, and has greatly supported the two companies’ development via leading and integrating top quality resources.

Relevant personnel from China Chengtong’s General Office and CCT Fund attended the meeting.

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