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China Chengtong and Wuhan signed strategic cooperation agreement

General Office     2020-09-24         

On September 22, Zhu Bixin, Secretary of China Chengtong CPC Committee and Chairman, met with Wang Zhonglin, Member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee, and Zhou Xianwang, Deputy Secretary of Wuhan CPC Committee and Mayor of People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality. Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee Long Liangwen, Deputy Mayor People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality Xu Honglan, and China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee Shan Zhongli and Vice Presidents Tong Laiming and Zhu Yue attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin expressed his gratitude to Wuhan for its long-term support to China Chengtong over the years. Zhu said that citizens in Wuhan have sacrificed their own interests and made significant contributions to the whole country’s battle against the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, which is extraordinarily impressive and deserves the highest commendations. Zhu introduced China Chengtong’s history of development, reform in the establishment of capital operating plats, and operating of the Group’s invested businesses. Zhu noted that China Chengtong attaches great importance to its strategic cooperation with Wuhan and the Group will provide targeted support to facilitate Wuhan city, and also Hubei province’s recovery from the pandemic through its active participation in Wuhan’s SOEs’ reform, fund investment, and warehousing and logistics network construction. By taking China Chengtong’s advantages in state capital operation, the company aims to help Wuhan to play a more important role in such national strategies as the national central cities’ construction, BRI, Yangtze River Economic Belt, Innovation Reform Pilot Zone and Free Trade Zone.

Wang Zhonglin welcomed Zhu Bixin and the delegation. He briefed the delegation about Wuhan’s fight against the pandemic, and the city’s current social economic development. Wang extended his appreciations to China Chengtong for its efforts in helping Wuhan to combat COVID-19 and supports to restore Wuhan’s development after the battle. Wang stated that Wuhan is seeing a fast recovery from the pandemic in its economic vitality, market confidence and social order. Wuhan hopes to deepen its cooperation with China Chengtong to strive for win-win development, and in the meantime, Wuhan will step up its efforts in providing a more welcoming environment to China Chengtong in order to jointly contribute to Wuhan’s social economic growth.


Under the strategic agreement between China Chengtong and Wuhan, the two sides will cooperate in fund investment, health and elderly-care, modern logistics, urban upgrading and transformation, SOEs reform, financial services and other areas.

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