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Zhu Bixin inspected CCT Wuhan companies

General Office     2020-09-26         

On September 22, Zhu Bixin, Secretary of China Chengtong (CCT) CPC Committee and Chairman, inspected the Group’s companies in Wuhan. In his visit to Wuhan, Zhu met with front-line staff and learned about CCT Wuhan-based companies’ work resumption and business development status. China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee Shan Zhongli and Vice Presidents Tong Laiming, Zhu Yue joined the visit.

Zhu Bixin inspected CMST Hankou Branch, China Logistics’ Wuhan Chengtong Lianzhong Logistics Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Nanshan Health and Elderly-Care Co., Ltd. of China Health and Elderly-Care Group (CHEC). Zhu highly praised these Wuhan-located companies’ sacrifices and dedication in the battle against COVID-19 and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to every staff member. Zhu also put forward requirements to those companies for their next-stage work, asking them to strive for quality-oriented development while making full preparation for the long-term pandemic prevention procedures.


Zhu Bixin shook hands with model staff in combating COVID-19 from CMST Wuhan Co., Ltd.


Zhu Bixin inspected Wuhan Chengtong Lianzhong Logistics Co., Ltd.


Zhu Bixin visited the elderly living in Wuhan Nanshan Nursing Home

Zhu Bixin also visited Wuhan Donghu Guolong Equity Investment and Fund Management Co., Ltd. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening equity cooperation and exploring more opportunities in fund co-management, and direct investment.


Zhu Bixin visited Wuhan Donghu Guolong Equity Investment and Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Head of China Chengtong’s General Office, Department of Strategic Development, Department of Operation and Management, CMST, China Logistics, CHEC, CCT Fund joined the visit.

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