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Li Hongfeng signed agreements on tenure and contract with Chengyang Investment

Chengyang Investment     2021-08-20         

To thoroughly implement China Chengtong’s decision on establishing and improving the market-oriented operation mechanism and stimulating the vitality of enterprises, and accelerate the construction of a new business responsibility system on the basis of modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, Chengyang Investment Co., Ltd. (Chengyang Investment) held managing team tenure and contract management agreement signing ceremony on August 19. Li Hongfeng, China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President, attended the ceremony.


Li Hongfeng and executive director and general manager of Chengyang Investment Wang Lingli, signed Agreement for Appointment, Letter of Responsibility for Annual Business Performance, and Letter of Responsibility for Tenure Business Performance respectively, regulating managing team’s tenure, scope of responsibility, annual and tenure performance evaluation indicators, remuneration and exit mechanism. Chengang Investment executive director signed contracts with other managing team members.

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