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Zhu Bixin and Li Hongfeng met with Tianjin Binhai New Area Party chief

General Office     2021-08-28         

On August 27, Zhu Bixin, China Chengtong’s Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman, and Li Hongfeng, China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President, met with Lian Maojun, Member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the CPC Committee of Tianjin Binhai New Area (Binhai New Area). The two sides discussed on deepening collaboration. China Chengtong’s Vice President Tong Laiming, and Director of Tianjin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau Yin Jihui attended the meeting.


Lian Maojun extended his gratitude to China Chengtong for its contributions to Tianjin, especially to Binhai New Area’s social economic development, and briefed the major economic indicators of Tianjin in the first seven months. Lian noted that Binhai New Area has been actively involved in the ‘two cities’ (central urban area of Tianjin and Binhai New Area) development paradigm by equipping the area with a strong manufacturing capacity and focusing on the ‘134’ industrial layout, that is one scientific and technological innovation carrier chain, three scientific and technological innovation clusters and four major scientific and technological industries. By constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with competitive edges and the development of strategic emerging industries, Binhai New Area has formed a health industrial ecology. Lian hoped that Binhai New Area could continue developing strategic cooperation with China Chengtong and enhance bilateral relationship in new energy manufacturing, fund investment, operation and management of offshore equipment and investment in strategically-important emerging industries to jointly help Binhai New Area develop new growth momentum.

Zhu Bixin welcomed Lian Maojun and the delegation, and expressed appreciations to Tianjin and Binhai New Area governments for their long-term support to China Chengtong, Zhu also congratulated Tianjin on achievements made in social and economic development. He pointed out that the restorative growth of Tianjin’s economy fully proves the achievements in continuously deepening reform and innovation and constantly optimising the business environment in recent years by Tianjin municipal Party committee and the Tianjin government. Zhu said that Binhai New Area has rich development resources, strong industrial base and bright investment prospects, China Chengtong will continue to play the role of state capital operating company to deepen cooperation with Binhai New Area in fund investment, offshore equipment, new energy industry and financial services to contribute to Binhai New Area’s ‘134’ industrial layout.

Li Hongfeng introduced the main business development of China Chengtong in Tianjin and expressed gratitude to Binhai New Area for its support to the Group. Li said that China Chengtong would fully implement the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides to promote the full execution of various agreed tasks, and continue to support the economic and social development of Binhai New Area.

Head of China Chengtong’s General Office, Strategic Development Department, Operations and Management Department, Financial Management Department, SinoOcean, CCT Factoring, and Lishen Battery, and relevant personnel from Tianjin were present in the meeting.

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