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Zhu Bixin chaired SinoOcean Board of Directors meeting

SinoOcean     2021-08-31         

On August 25, SinoOcean Offshore Assets Management Limited (SinoOcean) held the 10th Session of the 1st Board of Directors Meeting. Zhu Bixin, China Chengtong’s Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman, who is also SinoOcean’s Chairman presided over the meeting. The meeting was participated by SinoOcean Board of Directors’ members, and representatives from Capital Operation and Income Management Bureau of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), SinoOcean supervisors, shareholders and relevant SinoOcean departments chief.


The Board of Directors deliberated and voted on relevant bills. All directors, supervisors and SASAC’s Capital Operation and Income Management Bureau leader attending the meeting agreed that since its inception, SinoOcean has given full play to its advantages in professional management and technology, which has seen full integration and revitalisation of offshore assets and effective implementation of the Three-Year Action Plan For The Disposal of Central SOEs’ Offshore Assets and born remarkable results. In the meantime, SinoOcean should continue to consolidate its operation foundation and contribute more to the development of China’s offshore equipment industry.


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